In classical art and mythologies around the world, the Aegis is a symbol of protection variously interpreted as an animal skin or a shield featuring the head of a Gorgon. The modern concept of being “under someone’s aegis” means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source. Our interpretation is in the application of our products that enhance people’s lives.

A female-owned business, Aegis, LLC is a procurement and manufacturing company for all things related to office furniture solutions, security products and indoor air quality. Our core business is procuring and or manufacturing products that provide unparalleled levels of aesthetics, quality and performance.


Cage Code #: 980A2

female-owned business

Our Mission

  • As a woman-owned small business, we endeavor to provide our clients with quality products that we procure or produce.
  • We confidently provide products to yield the best value and workplace solutions for our clients.
  • Provide employees professional growth and personal development in a safe and financially stable environment.
  • Develop a deep sense of purpose knowing we are procuring or producing products that benefit people’s lives on a daily basis.

Management Team

Beverly Jerman

Founder, CEO

Having been a Registered Nurse for many years working in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Beverely developed a unique set of skills to multitask and manage crisis situations. Her compassion for her patients resulted in her devotion to detail and ensuring a positive and satisfactory outcome for all whom she attended to their care.

Her later career in commercial office real estate led her to better understand the consumer and tenant needs as it relates to finding real estate that supports and aligns with the clients needs and business process. For the last 9-years she has been extensively involved in commercial office and medical furniture solutions for a variety of clients, helping companies to create ideal workplaces that help them attract, retain and motivate their employees.

As the founding member of Aegis, Beverly is now leveraging her acquired skill sets to build a better company to streamline the furniture procurement providing greater efficiencies and providing outside the box solutions to protect the work environment and the people who occupy those environments.



Vice President Workplace / Product Consultant

John utilized his problem-solving background from his training in architecture to envision and create successful work place environments.

John has over 22-years of experience in architecture and interior design and practiced in New York, and Atlanta. John’s area of specialty in architecture and interiors included commercial office buildings, government facilities, high security facilities, and healthcare facility design. John was the director of Interiors for Perkins & Will one of the top 4 design firms in the nation and was the associate principal for the Atlanta, office interiors division. Major engagements included; Emory, Mckinsey & Company, Deloite Consulting, Accenture, IBM, Apple, Sun Microsystems, The Coca-Cola Company, FBI, CIA, USPS, etc. John is an Eagle scout, serves on the board for the Boy Scouts of America in Chattanooga as well as the board for CMGMA and BOMA.


Our "Why"


We strive to challenge the status quo when it comes to products that provide security, protection and support the work environment.


We research, investigate innovative products, materials
and adapt science to solutions and procure or produce
products that address specific needs for the work environment.


We provide workplace furniture solutions that address safety, productivity, and create a safer and healthier environment without sacrificing aesthetics.